This I Believe

Marvin - Sherman Oaks, California
Entered on October 17, 2006
Age Group: 65+

This I beleive: The POLITICS of FEAR is the gateway too HELL. I am an active pacifist who happens to believe that life is god: yes with a small g. When I was very young and sensitive hypocrisy seemed to be my calling. I didn’t know what hypocrisy meant but I sure felt it. The history of politics is the ART of hypocrisy which goes back before Biblical times; nothing has changed since. All the KINGS philosophies ruled through FEAR. The history of BIBLICAL Religion’s have been at WAR right up till today, never to change. GOD is their PROMISE. Capitulate surrender and if all things fail we must KILL the DEVIL. GOD is our MIGHT our GLORY and our CONSCIENCE. Man is NOT FREE under BIBLICAL LAW man is NOT to be TRUSTED under BIBLICAL LAW man is born with SIN. RACISM is part of the HOLY BIBLE. The ABRAM story; GOD chose a wealthy SLAVE owner ABRAM who’s first son ISHMAEL was not considered his son. GOD changed ABRAM’S name to ABRAHAM and fertilized his wife SAHRA at the age of ninety. Now they had a real son to carry forth their heritage. There was one thing GOD was not sure of so he tested ABRAHAM like he did earlier with ADAM & EVE to see how loyal they were. To Sacrifice his only son ISAAC. WOW we what an orchestrated perfomance that was, the all mighty GOD didn’t know what Adam & Eve or Abraham was about to do. God had predicted many things throughout the Bible; Abraham’s son Isaac to nane one. STUPID illogical hypocrisy shines powerfully throughout the Bible. Loyalty to the KING’S way of LIFE is the modern game of Russian Roulette. The history of all past generations have been ruled though WILL not reason. The history of America was and is now no difference. The politics of fear is suicide. The POLITICS of FEAR is the KINGS philosophy that’s been ritualized dogmatized mesmerized stupified into the the unconscious of civilization. The only enemy we humans have is FEAR… We have been conditioned not to question the Bible nor AUTHORITY; unquestioned loyalty is decorated with high honor. The beast in us ALL has been conditioned blindly through the language of history. GOD the HERO is for SLAVES and uncompomised HYPOCRITES.

PS: God is where the heart is, where there is no heart there is no brain.