This I Believe

Adam - Forest Park, Illinois
Entered on October 16, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

My one condition is, if you choose to use it, that it may NOT be edited. If you feel you must edit, then by all means, dump the story. So here we go…

I believe in economic justice. I believe that all people have not just a right to live and exist, but also a right to the means of supporting their existence. This justice is not the kind of legal justice one might see on “Law and Order,” it’s the kind of justice that sends Republicans shaking in their shoes because it is not a “pro-business” ideal. The US is not a capitalist society because “correct” capitalists share all of the spoils with the employees. This does not happen and instead oppressive management and employment practices keep wages and morale low. Although I am fortunate to not have experienced extreme poverty, I have been humbled by three months of unemployment and constant macaroni-and-cheese to realize this plight. I have learned that too many people have jobs that pay insufficient living-wages, management squeezes productivity from their employees in unhealthy fashons, and a rift between working-class and executive is cutting our population disproportionately. Anyone who used to or is working a working-class job, earning a pay that is at or below the poverty line, and living in meager standards of food and housing knows what is “economic equality.” Most business owners, executives, managers, and Republicans do not because they never needed economic equality like Whites never needed “Civil Rights.” I believe our economic landscape needs change because I believe in economic justice.