This I Believe

Kelly - Shorewood, Wisconsin
Entered on October 16, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I am a Pisces. Astrology books always classify Pisces as “creative” people. Whenever anyone would hear me read my astrological description, they would say, “Yes, that’s you.” I never agreed with them – sighting my personal and professional accomplishments as far from creative. My college degree is in French Literature and English Language – a collegiate focus on other people’s words, but not on creating my own. I am an avid reader and have been driven to elevating writers to celebrity status in my world – especially fiction short story writers! Alas, with pen pressed to paper I could never create my own twist of fate, valuable enough for sharing with anyone else. I did spend 10 years as a professional in the commercial broadcast production world – certainly a creative environment. Yet I always filled the role of coordinator, producer, manager – never the creative director or art director. I have an eye for what I think looks good and an ear for what sounds right – but haven’t a clue as how all the amazing creatives in the world come up with something new day after day. I have worked in an art museum in the fundraising department, and currently serve as the school registrar for a ballet school. Always in the wings and back stage – never in the spot light. In addition to books – music is very important to me. There are a number of songwriters, singers, bands, musicians – who do incomprehensible work – and then get it down on tape. I don’t know how they are stricken with this creativity – I am simply glad I have discovered their talents. My older daughter was told at school “the audience is as important as the actors on stage.” How true. My role as reader, listener, viewer, enables the artists to be recognized for their talents – an important role indeed.