This I Believe

Charles - Edina, Minnesota
Entered on October 16, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in truth. Some say “truth hurts.” I acknowledge that truth can hurt, and I have been hurt by it. However, to me, the most amazing part about truth is that it heals. Knowing the truth in any situation is always the first step to healing. And although good does not always immediately stem from truth, it is real, and personally, I choose real over anything else in the world.

Sometimes people don’t want to know the truth, other times they are just too blind to see it. Truth inevitably comes out, though, and when it does, many aren’t quite ready to accept it. For me, it came out one cold and lonely night during my 7th grade year, when I returned home to find my Mother hunched over crying in the kitchen. After a couple of hours, I was filled in on what was going on- my parents had decided to get separated. I didn’t know why until two days later, at which point I found out that it was because of an affair that just wouldn’t end. That small phrase resonated throughout my ears so loudly it hurt.

Six years later, I feel that the truth I heard that night was the only thing that got me through the four tough years that followed the separation. Although I wished desperately that it would not have come to fruition, (or just that things would have turned out differently,) as the days went by knowing the truth and learning to accept it became that much easier. And after a while, I came to accept that harsh truth. I have never liked

“it,” but knowing it helped me to gain a better understanding of my family, (especially my father.)

It is easy and desirable for some people to live vicariously, in a world that is not their own, or in a world of lies. For me, this just won’t do. I am constantly seeking the truth to everything I know and am involved with. Sometimes it is hard to do this, because I am afraid of what I may find. However, nothing is more refreshing than hearing truth and realizing that what you are hearing is real. I believe in truth.