This I Believe

N. - 30720, Georgia
Entered on October 15, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that children need to be raised in a good home, free of violence. It seems like I can not go through a week without hearing on the news about a child abuse case or a child dying at the hands of a family member. What did these kids do to deserve this, besides wanting a little attention?

I believe children need to be raised in a learning home. I worked at a day care for a few years, and sometimes the only love that the kids received was at the day care. Every week, we would have “learn” new things as a class. There were some kids who had wonderful parents. These parents would work with their child learning how to tie shoes, zip jackets, and put on gloves. And of course, it seems like the parents had too much to do to help their children with their little day care homework. The same kids who didn’t get help at home became so excited when the daycare teachers helped them with what we were learning. I know that it was just a day care, but parents need to help their children when it comes to learning.

I believe that parents need to spend quality time with their children. Because children grow up so fast, parents need to enjoy spending time with their parents. Before we know it, our kids are getting married and having kids of their own. All parents need to cherish the times that kids want to play in the mud, or jumping in the pool with all their cloths on. Kids need to have fun and enjoy life, because when they are older, they are older, they will have enough to do. Children do not care if their parent is a president of a bank or if they are poor, they want to be with the parents and to be loved. Children need to be told they are loved, just as much as they are shown.

I also believe (strongly, actually) in adoption. Because of all the things I have said above, there are people who, for whatever reason, do not want to be a parent. I am so thankful that there are people in the U.S.A. that want to have a baby, and these great people are willing to love a baby (that isn’t theirs) and give it a great home. I am adopted, and I was raised by the greatest family. I love them so much, and they gave me the world. I am grateful that I was raised in a loving household where I could experience a lot of things that my biological family probably could not give me.

I believe that adopted people should be able to find their biological families easier. Don’t get me wrong, but my parents that raised me are my parents. I never want to change that! I love my adoptive parents, but I also love my biological parents for giving me the opportunity to be raised where I was. But, I would love to know if I have any siblings. What are they like? Are we alike? I also want to know what my medical history is. Does anyone in my biological family have heart problems, etc. I do not want to mess up my biological parents’ life, but I have some questions I would love to know the answers to. States make it so difficult to find out anything about biological parents. Sometimes I think that the laws help the biological families more than the kids.