This I Believe

Richard - Fulton, TX 78358, Texas
Entered on October 15, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

How does one define political spin, comments, and propoganda? If one can define Hurricane Katrina as a devestating wind or blow, then

you might be apply this same interpretation to the political parties rhetoric and the “job” they

are trying to project on American acceptance of common sense.

It is easy for me to conclude that the Republican Party is not much different than Hurricane Katrina. They represent a big “blow $$$ job” that has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on an Iraq war that was won three years ago with the President’s famous words,

“Mission Accomplished!”

Remember John Balushi in the film “Animal House”, when

his fraternity was brought up for a disiplinary hearing, which was a white wash, and his fellow members left the hearing after yelling “Blow Job!!!”

Perhaps that is why millions of Americans can’t support or want to trust the Republican leadership and politicians.

Do you think that our southern borders are secure? If you believe the Republicans, John Balushi probably would have countered and said “Blow Job!” Most Americans think the same.

According to Republican leadership, it is Ok for foreign management for our ports. Americans responded and said “Blow Job!”

Republicans support globalization. “Blow Job”

They don’t even promote American jobs first at home.

The Republicans support the proliferation of nuclear technology to India? “Blow Job”

What is to say India might not turn against us some day as Iraq did. We sold military arms to Saddam before he became our enemy.

Republican rhetoric “Blow Jobs” have led

us to an unneeded war in Iraq, a war that

has no visible end, and an “unprecedented” number of military officiers speaking out against the war. The war on terror wasn’t in Iraq.

If you think Tom Delay, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert, Abramhoff, and other Republican leaders or influencials, have benefitted our middle class and America’s positive image around the world and at home, and that things are going to get better with their leadership,

my response is enough is enough, no more Republican “”Blow $$$ Jobs”

I guess it has become so bad now, that everytime I see a White House press briefing, I think of John Balushi and his words that will live in infamy, “Blow Job!!!”