This I Believe

Brian - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe that to succeed in life you must work hard. My great grandparents and other relatives came over to America from Italy and started their own business in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. They imported peppers and olives, bottled them, and sold them to local restaurants and businesses. My grandfather and eventually my father and uncle continued that business. Unfortunately, when I was in elementary school someone set the building on fire. There was a little two-story part of the building and then a larger part of the building that was a few stories high. While many would have been discouraged and given up, my family decided to rebuild. Instead of doing the bottling again, they decided just to rebuild the smaller part of the building and open up a deli. They had all of the usual lunchmeats and cheeses, soups, and they even made sandwiches. I can remember going down with my dad on a Sunday afternoon and watching a Steelers playoff game while making sandwiches.

Tragically, the building yet again was the victim of arson. I really wish the business was still around, since I now am going to school for accounting and I would have loved to continue the business that my family started. This hard work and passion to succeed I witnessed has effected me more than anything else in my life.

My parents always pushed me to succeed, but never too much because they knew that I would do the right thing on my own. They heard from teachers in elementary school how well I did in my classes and how I always did my work. The school obviously saw this, as they offered me entrance into the gifted program. To this day, the same desire to work still burns within me.

No matter where I have worked, I’ve gotten praise from management for my work. I know that if I was not in school I could have a higher position at my job, but then again, I strive for greater success than retail management. I wish to get a good job in accounting, which is the major I am pursuing at California University. I have always held a job while in school, including most of high school. It was strictly part time, though I sometimes had the responsibility of someone who would be full time. Now that I need to work to pay bills and save for a future marriage, I work full time along with school. Sometimes I find it difficult to do both at once, but sometimes things need to be sacrificed. I feel that having this constant workload will help me prepare for the future, since I will be working full time and could possibly have work that I need to finish at home. Instead of balancing this work with school, it will be my family. I hope to be able to learn how to optimize my time now so that neither is left by the wayside. In the past hard work has gotten me to where I am and I know that my continuing hard work will get me the rewards that I aspire for in the future.