This I Believe

Kevin - Milwuakee, Wisconsin
Entered on October 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom


I believe in the freedom to do and say what you wish and that people should not judge you entirely without getting to know the real true person first. Personally, I feel that a lot of people judge others after just meeting them for a few minutes. Or, on the other hand, not meeting them at all, just hearing about them from another person. Also, I feel they make their judgments by only seeing the person interacting with a certain group of people where they can usually be a lot less attentive and act in a more relaxed way.

I usually have a certain way to act around my family, close friends, other acquaintances that I don’t really know much about, and just some random people that are around. Then what usually happens is that, for example, people who meet me when I am in an unfamiliar place a lot of people see me as a more shy person but when they see me when I am around my really close friends, they tend to see a very different side. A side where I usually do whatever I feel like because no matter what ends up happening, I am with my friends who are thinking pretty much the same thing and wont be offended by anything that happens because they know I didn’t really mean it. Usually people who don’t know me and just view me hanging around with my friends tend to make bad judgments about me because of the way we are acting and sometimes they get offended.

One example of this would be when my friends and me were hanging around at a park in mid July waiting to play baseball. There was a league game going on so we decided to just talk, watch, and wait for them to finish up. When the game ended and they started packing their stuff up we decided to go and get our bats, balls, and gloves out of the car. As we are walking across the field, a lady turned to us and said, “You shouldn’t be coming up here just to mess around every time we have a game. We should call the police and have them kick you out.” We just blew her off and continued to walk to the car when she turned to one of the other ladies and said, “ Oh, there is that stupid Bednarek kid.” When I heard her I just turned around, gave her a look, and continued to walk. My friends wanted to know why I didn’t respond back to her or say something to the people who were watching. But I just said, “It’s no big deal; she was just making a judgment about me from what she might have seen or overheard.” She was making a judgment without getting to know me, and that was something that I did not believe in. I didn’t want to give her something to base that judgment on.

So as you can see through that experience why I believe that you should be able to have the freedom to do and say what you wish and not be entirely judged by other people when they know nothing about you.