This I Believe

Tanique - West Palm Beach, Florida
Entered on October 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that because I have dealt with certain situations different from most humans, I am uniquely different. I believe that in many ways, I am a phenomenal woman.

Ever since I was a baby I have been traveling from Jamaica to America. It wasn’t until couple years ago that I migrated here. It was a move I considered so drastic because I was only told of it two days prior to leaving, for me, it was too little notice.

In that little time, I felt my world had crumbled, I would not be seeing my friends and family anytime soon. My boyfriend was mad because he could not understand why I could not just say no to moving.

The night before my departure, I cried so hard that I was quenching my thirst with tears that flowed heavily down my cheeks. There weren’t any pleasant thoughts left inside me and my emotions had gone haywire. To me, my life had ended and I was as deep as a dried out puddle.

The day had came and I had received numerous gifts and farewell wishes and my boyfriend was no longer mad at me because he knew it wouldn’t be long before we saw each other again. It was a beautiful sunny day; I was no longer as sad. I was ready to take on this new life; I was as you could say optimistic.

Two weeks had come and school would be starting that Monday. I had highly anticipated that day. I attended all girls’ boarding school back home, and now I would be attending a public school for both genders, I was excited. That week of school didn’t go as I had expected. No one knew me personally, females were jealous of me causing them to despise me, already I had enemies. My twin sister had become my very best friend.

I had no friends here and I was missing my friends, family and boyfriend terribly back home. My dad and I had an awful falling out when I needed him the most. Mom always said that education was the key to success so I knew I had to focus on school. Inside I was emotionally torn apart but I stayed focus.

I finally found a friend I thought was really nice. Her name was Camille and she too was from Jamaica and had also moved here around the same time I did. Camille was my shoulder to lean on, as I was hers. Things were getting better for me. I had managed to make straight A’s in all my classes, I had met couple more people I thought were nice and I had met a boy named Omar, though he did not replace my boyfriend back home, he was just someone who was just there for me in a very special way.

It was the words of a wise person that kept me going. She said that I would always have people who disliked me because either they wanted to be me and they couldn’t, or they were jealous. I learned to make those haters my motivators; if I wasn’t doing something good in my life then I would not have people who disliked me. She also said that life would always be a journey for me and that I would come across obstacles that would test my faith but I was never to give up.

Should anyone think why I would consider myself phenomenal? The answer is inside of me. We are all unique in our own ways, but to me I will not just settle for unique, I will settle with phenomenal.