This I Believe

Jeff - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Entered on October 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Growing up in my house there is one thing that was enforced pretty strictly; and that was when I do something I do not give it half effort, but give it full effort so whatever I do will be the best it possibly can be. I use to try so hard to get away with the bare minimum but after a while I realized it wasn’t helping me at all. This causes me to believe that you have to try you’re hardest and do your best work to get ahead in life.

My family strongly believes in hard work because when my dad was about 10 his father died and another two years later his mom died so he had to live a good amount of his life with no parents to help him out. His brothers and sisters started to work at very young ages and, being the youngest he had to do a lot around the house. Almost all of his brothers and sisters besides his oldest brother didn’t go to college because they had to work to provide for the family. His brothers and sisters insisted that he work very hard in school to graduate and go on to college.

My father had to work for everything he’s got in life. The house I live in is because of him and it’s all because he worked his hardest in everything he did. He works everyday at ridiculous hours in the morning and works very long days just so I can eat and have the necessities of life.

At this time in my life I am very active in a lot of things. I play football, I’m on executive board for student council, and I’m a member of the high school students for renovations. I dedicate most of my life to these things because I think it’s fun and I really learn a lot from it, but the main reason is because I know that it looks good for colleges and maybe if I do enough I can get scholarships that would help my family pay for my college because I know he had to do it by himself and it gives me motivation to do the same.

It really means a lot to me all of the stuff he does and I guess that is why I am what I am. I really try hard with everything I do and make sure that if I would show my dad what I was doing he would be impressed or at least know that it’s the best that I can do. I don’t want to sound cliché and say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but I believe that I am a lot like my dad and it makes me feel good because he worked hard to be what he is. So I guess that’s why I believe that hard work will get me where I want in life.