This I Believe

Katie - USA
Entered on October 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in being able to have animals in your apartment. There are many strong points to this proclamation. Animals give comfort and security. Growing up, many of us had an animal at some point, whether it was a goldfish or a Saint Bernard. These animals give us strength and happiness. If you are willing to devote your time and energy into owning a pet at your apartment complex, then you should be allowed to do so. Having an animal would give you responsibility, company, and security. There is no good reason not to have an animal at your apartment.

Owning a pet of any size would teach you how to take care of something. The average college student is old enough to take care of themselves, and should learn the responsibility of taking care of something else. A pet would be a perfect way to teach responsibility. It would give college students a duty to perform, and it would benefit them greatly. What other way would be better than showing a college student, living in an apartment, to learn responsibility?

As we all know animals are great company. They never get mad, and they are always willing to be your friend. Owning a pet is a great stress reliever because animals are mellow creatures. When you pet an animal it keeps your heart rate consistent. School work is very demanding in college. When the work stresses you out, it is wonderful to see your pet, and knowing that they are there to temporarily take your problems away. There is always a good friend in animals, thus why owing one would be a good stress reliever.

Animals are a great form of protection and security. College is not exactly the safest place for a young adult to be. Therefore, owning a pet would be a great way to have security in your apartment. Animals are fantastic at sensing danger or uneasy situations. If you were ever stuck in one of those situations wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you have protection? Everyone wants protection and security in life, especially if one lives alone. There is no better way to achieve that than by owning a pet. Apartments are a great way to learn how to live on your own. Once you become comfortable with that, pets should be allowed to live with you.

Many places restrict owning pets in your apartments, but animals give company and security, and they teach you responsibility. There is no suitable reason not to be allowed to own a pet in your apartment. Once you can take care of yourself, and you are ready for a commitment, then you should be allowed to own a pet. Animals bring joy to people of all kinds and natures. Owning an animal in your apartment would be a stress reliever, give security, and teach responsibility, which every college student needs to grow in life. This is why we should be able to own animals in our apartments.