This I Believe

Andy - menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Entered on October 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

This I Believe That I Am In Love With An Angel

It was on May 26 when I saw her coming out of her house and she was beautiful and the first thing that caught me was her blue eye that gazed at me. See no one but her and I knew is that we both had drivers Ed together during behind the wheel, with our teacher Mr. Ruben. During drivers ed was the first time we met but we were see other people at the time, but somehow I knew that we would met again. But as I was saying May 26 it was the day that X Men Three The Last Stand came out and my friends and me were going and she wanted to go along so we all went together. As a side note the movie totally sucks because basically everyone died in the movie. As I was say that night was interesting because after that we went driving around and then stopped by the restaurant culvers and got free ice cream. You know what they say everything free is always great at least according to me that is.

Then during the next week we just started to hang out and watch movies together at my house and her house. I think what really got our relationship started was when she came over to help me wash my car and we went on a walk to the baseball complex and watched Austin Powers 3 Gold members. After that she had invited me to go to her brother’s baseball games at the complex and it was during that time we really got to know each other and I started to fall for her. We had so much in common and we like a lot of the same things as we discovered sitting on the asphalt not paying any attention to the game. On June 8th at the end of one of the games right before her parents came to pick her up we shared our first kiss.

Then we had started to talk on the phone a lot and learned just about everything there is to know about a person by asking any question that we could think of. I am still going out with her to this day. We started to date on June 8th 2006, so we have been dating about 4 months now. But in all of this what really I believe got us to click was tell the truth to each other and love. This I believe that I am in love with an angel.