This I Believe

Tommy - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Entered on October 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe and strongly support friendship and this I believe it’s something that everyone should have. Some people don’t like or support friendship what so ever. Friends are something that everyone should have, people have all sorts of friends anywhere from best friends to someone you just talk to. People should always have at least someone to talk to for expressing their feelings and problems that you have to get off your chest. People that don’t have someone to talk to may suffer from many things such as depression. I know that talking to people helps me cool down and live my life much better then if I wasn’t to talk to someone at all. I have known people that suffered from severe depression and have attempted suicide.

As in a result in suicide you are often sent or referred to consoling which is talking to someone to help you with your problems and to get something off of your chest so you feel relaxed and are not so depressed. Also some of your really good friends can betray you or can be non-beneficial such as being two faced, mean, and not keeping some really important secrets. I have met and knew many people that have a really good best friend and have got into fights with them and are no longer friends anymore.

Friendship can be just talking and then in can led to a relationship or true love, which mostly all love starts with a way of friendship. I’ve had people be two faced, mean, and just plain out stupid but I looked beyond them and if they want to be ridiculously stupid then they really aren’t your true friend. Fake friends are the worst, even if you have one good friend there’s always someone you should talk to express your feelings. That’s the most important thing to always have someone you can talk to and trust at all times which supports my I believe statement. I believe in friendship and this I believe.