This I Believe

Christopher - 33409, Florida
Entered on October 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Personal Narrative


Picture the universe rotating in one big circle. That’s how I see everything operating on one chain. This I believe karma like Buddha said “what goes around comes around the good and the bad”. Maybe you’ve heard of that quote will it basically means if you do something good or bad to something or someone it will come back at you.

The first time I heard this was when I was in the third grade. Some of my classmates were making fun of the fact that I stutter. So after the bell for the end of the day I went home and started to cry and my mom asked me what was wrong and I said some of the kids are making fun me because I stutter. Then my mother gave me a look and said “don’t worry what goes around comes around”. Well the next day in class the teacher took the kids that were making fun of me and pulled them aside and said she knew they were making fun of me and made them write one hundred sentences on how sorry they were.

I didn’t here they phrase again until I was in eighth grade Bak Middle School of the Arts. It was in math class and I was on fire answering questions right and left I sort of felt like D. Wade at the championships. I was called up to the board to answer a problem it happened to be the easiest one in the world. So the bell rang and I was putting my books and stuff in my bag. Then all of a sudden someone taps me on the back so I look that way and heard SMACK I turn to look and all of the stuff that was in my bag is now on the floor. I turn to see if anyone saw who did it and they all said no I turned to the teacher but as usual he was not paying attention. Then someone comes from behind me puts their hand on my shoulder and says “forget about it man what goes around comes around”. I just let it roll off my back like my mom says “treat others as you want to be treated”. The next week there were reports of student misbehavior so I running paper jobs through the school and I pass by the principal’s office and I see two of my classmates in there. I didn’t think anything of it after all I didn’t know who throw my stuff on the floor.

Karma doesn’t always strike back in a bad way. One day when I was little I saw a lady having trouble getting out of the store because she had too many bags in her hand. I stopped what I was doing and helped her out of the store and carried her bags to her car. She thanked me and I could tell she was very grateful. A few days later I found five dollars on the ground. I was little then and didn’t give it much thought, but that was Karma, what goes around comes around the good and the bad.

So this I believe Karma is the rotation that the universe takes. I hope that anyone that reads my essay will also treat people as they want to be treated themselves.