This I Believe

Kate - Lincoln, Rhode Island
Entered on October 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

When I was younger I always felt different from the other children. They thought I talked too formally and that my brightly colored homemade clothes were strange. As young children often do, they chided me because they didn’t understand me. A small number treated me as if I were a leper from the Old Testament. As a result of this “exile” from my peers I often spent time alone. I believe in spending time alone; as a young child it allowed me to create worlds of whimsy in the absence of a playmate due to my “oddities.” As an adolescent, it allowed me time of self discovery, but as a young adult it allows me time for reflection, independence and to discover I am not the only person in the universe. I prefer to go home and turn on National Public Radio, while skimming through the newspaper; I listen to Madame Butterfly while I clean my room, or curl up in the hammock while reading a book. Though I am active in the community and now have found a nice group of friends despite enjoying a healthy amount of socializing, I still find my time alone a virtue. Allowing time for solitude away from the noise and negativity of the outside world leaves room in my heart for hope, peace and thoughts of resolutions. It also dissipates loneliness; there is always something to be done in the absence of company. Although I depend on classmates, family members and neighbor for lively conversation and companionship I am not fully dependent on the presence of others. My quiet time is also service to self discovery. Being labeled strange at a young age has enabled me to develop into a strong, confident individual. Peer pressure never affected me in situations involving the presence of drugs and alcohol. I don’t isolate myself from these parties rather I just enjoy them sober. Alone time spent in deep thought allowed me to gain comfort ability of self and of others that are different by cultural standards or by my own standards. A point of view I don’t think I would be able to perceive. I believe in a little time spent alone each day because you find yourself in your truest form, it allows for reflection, enlightenment and independence. Leaving the world outside and stepping inside for a tiny moment is a pure and comforting experience. It gives me time to find a direction, listen to the elegant voices in Madame Butterfly or to create a world of whimsy. This I believe.