This I Believe

Taylor - Davie, Florida
Entered on October 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in the power of organization. I am not talking about the organization of nature or something spiritual like that, but about organization as a system of alleviating stress.

I am the first to admit it; I suffer from chronic laziness syndrome, formally known as CLS. I am a pretty good student, but sometimes, I end up doing twice the amount of work because of my lack of organization. Even in kindergaten, my teacher used to tease me about my ability to lose anything and everything.

Seriously, though, i know what it is like to be disorganized. Not only do you end up doing twice the amount of required work, but it make life twice as stressful. last week was a classic example of my chaotic organization.

I took all my binders home and sorted through my “universal folder” that contains papers ffor every class. This endeavor took me until one o’clock in the morning. By the end of the night and the next day, I was exhausted, but my binders were perfectly organized.

Although I am still nowhere near perfectionist standards, I have greatly improved throughout the years. For example, I now have a cute, pink file box where I keep everything I use to study for my finals. So, now, I do not have to sort thorugh a thousand papers. Also, my locker is easier to use now that it is not cluttered with endless streams of paper.

If you just give yourself ten minutes a day, you will be organized in school or work. if I do no give myself these ten minutes, then I have to experience disasters like my binder fiasco. These ten minutes make every day a lot easier. Ultimately, I can find my work in the morning, and I can sleep peacefully at night. organization, I believe, is a lifestyle and not simply a personality trait bleonging to an elite few. I believe in the power or organization as a way of life.