This I Believe

Julie - S.Daytona, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50


very generous reward is available to anyone who provides information that results in his safe

return to his loving family. Douglas stands approximately five feet and ten inches tall (5’

10’’) and weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds (130 lbs.) He has medium brown

hair, dark brown eyes and a medium olive complexion. He would now be twenty (20) years


I initially suspected his disappearance about five (5) years ago. However, the aliens

left in his stead a modified clone. The modified clone, outwardly appears to be Douglas,

but I am now convinced it is not. Douglas was a very intelligent boy, he could carry on an

intellectual conversation with adults at an early age. As a matter of fact, young Douglas

spoke constantly, it was as if he were thinking out loud. The clone answers only questions

asked and always with the same response “I don’t know.” Douglas was an honest,

trustworthy, helpful, courteous and kind youngster; a true Boy Scout. This person, or thing

that looks like him, does not possess any of those characteristics. I’ve tried positive

reinforcement, negative reinforcement, therapy and medication, nothing has helped to get rid

of the clone and bring my Douglas back.

More often than I care to admit, this thing has tricked me into helping him. He had

me believing that it would bring my beloved Douglas back. However, each time I was left

broken hearted, and still without my Douglas. The clone stays up all night, sleeps all day,

cannot keep a job and cannot deal with school. I have finally had enough! For the sake and

sanity of the rest of the family, I told the clone to pack his things and go find my Douglas.