This I Believe

Alex - Davie, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Two-Sided Hills

I have learned that persistence through struggles are reflected in results. For every tough time I have endured, some form of success or benefit has come consequently. Hence the reasons behind that becoming the ideal for my motivation to persist.

This is known to be true to many, but it did not dawn on me until I found out the hard way. It was proven to me through assigned work and studying for tests, which I despise because of how tedious and repetitive it can be and via athletic preparation in practice and conditioning.

Academically, I use this mantra to prevent me from slacking because I know if I make the reluctant effort to do my work; it will pay off on tests, finals, and college acceptances. Then after getting into college, hard work in college will propel me into an occupation which I will undoubtedly love, and most likely will involve athletic events at some point.

Athletically, this truth keeps me going during the grueling football practices because there is no rush like a football game. Having that experience and knowledge, I continue to proceed in the dreaded practice, from wind sprints to suicides to pursuit drills. It is the same in baseball when we have practices of straight conditioning. When we do our sets of stairs on the way up the only thing keeping me from cheating myself is thought of going down the stairs, and even more important, the stamina I build for the games that lie ahead for me.

Personally, I keep what I learned in mind when dealing with people who I would prefer to avoid. As much as I may want to separate myself from them, they can be helpful to me in the future in some way in any given aspect of life, from school work to transportation.

I relate this truth to hills, which, ironically enough, there happen to be none where I live, in South Florida. There are always two sides to a hill, no matter how big it is, there eventually is another side.

I believe that there is no uphill without a downhill.