This I Believe

Raquel - Hallandale, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Living Life to the Fullest

I believe in living life to the fullest because life passes by quickly. I’ve always wanted to be a “grown- up.” Even when I was younger, I wanted my own apartment, my own car, and my own successful career. There were times when I thought to myself, “It’ll be so much better when I’m a grown- up. I’ll be able to do whatever I want.” But one day, my dad told me, “Enjoy being a kid, because when you grow up, you’ll want to go back to being a kid.” This statement made me realize that I should appreciate the time that I have now, because if I don’t, I’ll grow up to regret it.

Whenever I argue with my brothers, my mom tells me to be good to them because she and my dad will not always be there, but my brothers will. Though I always reply to her saying that it’ll be a long time before my parents will die, she is right. It is important to appreciate the time I have with the people around me because they won’t be here forever. With these little philosophies my parents have given me, I’ve come to live my life as if I will not have a second chance.

Every once in a while, I analyze the year so far. I think about the accomplishments I have made and the ones I am going to make. I think about those times when I used to just give up and call it a day. When I had tests the next day at school, I would automatically think there was no use in studying for multiple exams on the same night. My grades were not always great, but they were good enough. Now that I’ve come to realize that life doesn’t give me second chances, I study until I fall asleep. I am proud of the grades I have now because I know I worked hard to get them and used every bit of my time to study. Through experiences, I have learned to do the best I can in every situation. In order to have peace with myself, I need to stop thinking about the past mistakes I’ve made and appreciate the time I have now.