This I Believe

Max - plantation, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Teachers

I believe that teaching is the greatest job in the world. Since I entered preschool, I have been honored to have the best teachers in the world. I think that education is the most important thing a person can have, and teachers make that all possible. After being in school through 10th grade, I have realized that I want to join the ranks of the “education army”.

Growing up, I was told to be a doctor or a lawyer. Of course I said “no” I wanted to be an astronaut or the first Jewish president. My dream of being an astronaut died when I realized even though I love science and that space travel is the next frontier, I’m afraid of heights. My dream of being the first Jewish President fell apart when I realized how corrupt our government is. So I continued to look for my future, being the obsessive compulsive dreamer that I am.

I recently came to the conclusion that teachers are like my second set of parents. I go to them for guidance, they teach me new ideas and the make me a better person. In 9th grade, I tutored my neighbor in math and Spanish, and watched him accomplish graduating from 7th grade. But t was when I entered my freshman year that I realized I wanted to teach. My math teacher, Mrs. Smith, was always there to help us. As a horrible math student, I needed help. And she showed me how much fun math really is.

Then I met my history teacher, Ms. Horvitz. She took a ragtag group of freshmen, and turned us into essay writing machines. She stayed for hours helping students, and not just teach us history, but how to be well educated adults. My English teacher, Ms. Barry then showed me grammar. I fell in love with it, like the huge geek that I am.

I thought about my newly found freshman skills, and applied them to one of my favorite passions: charity. I thought to myself, “What can I do with grammar, a love of history and foreign languages?” I wanted to help the world. Call me an idealist, but the root of every conflict, every problem, every misunderstanding is a lack of proper education. We face crises such as wars over religion and ethnicity, when people don’t realize that we are all the same; we all share the same history.

I look at my mother, probably one of the greatest teachers. She teaches Spanish, which she enjoys, but loves to teach remedial reading. She takes freshmen, the lowest of the low academically, and turns them from reading at the 5th and 6th grade levels to the 10th grade level. She feels accomplished knowing that she made a difference in 75 kids’ lives. I want to teach history and romance languages. I want to make a difference. And for these reasons, I believe that there are no professions more honorable than teaching.