This I Believe

Jackie - Weston, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Creator of Opportunities

Some people say life is predetermined and that fate has to run its course. Shakespeare describes this fate, as being “written in the stars.” Those who truly believe that people don’t possess the power to forge their own destiny are wrong. All people are presented with opportunity. Each and every individual has the ability to make the path on which their life runs. Everyone, no matter what their background, is capable of creating his or her own opportunities.

I live my life by this belief. I know that no one else can affect my opportunities. Yes, my teachers teach me everything I know, my parents guide me in all my endeavors, and my friends support me everyday. But in the end, it is I who create my opportunities and no one else.

Ever since I was young, this belief has stood fast. In elementary school, if I behaved well and was nice to all my fellow classmates, I could be the line leader. Though now I view that duty as meager, back then it was an honor. Because of my actions, I gave myself this opportunity and created my respectable job leading my delighted classmates to lunch.

More elementary school experiences engrained this belief into me. In first grade, I was rewarded for both my behavioral and academic accomplishments by receiving the prestigious award of “Good Citizen.” This was a first graders dream, yet more importantly, my dream. To this day, I know that opportunity was only possible because of my perseverance, determination, and personal actions.

As time progressed through middle school, I continued to put forth effort and create opportunities for myself. Efforts in tennis gave me the opportunity to play on the Middle School tennis team while scholastic efforts led me to be part of “National Junior Honor Society.”

In camp everyone wants to be color war captain. Similar to the masses, I had this desire, this thirst, to lead my team throughout a five day “war.” No, I could not just sit back and hope I would be captain. No, I could not beg my division leader for this position. But I could use myself to my own advantage and prove that I was worthy. And so I did. It wasn’t my fate, it wasn’t my destiny, but it was my free will that created this opportunity. When the color sheets read “Blue Captain- Jackie Chayet,” I could only smile. The best part of this experience was that I had made it- I was the creator of my destiny.

I am now in high school- I am just another little fish in the giant deep blue sea. But am I really just another fish? Am I really exactly like everyone else? Do I really follow the same path as other individuals and let “fate,” do its work? No. I am different. I seek opportunity. I embrace opportunity. But most of all, I create opportunity.

I believe all people are capable of creating their own opportunities.