This I Believe

Cortney - Plantation, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


Karma, what goes around comes around, is how some people explain it. If you give an act of kindness you are supposed to receive one back. However, if you act rudely, someone is bound to treat you the same way. That is just human nature. Karma can be a good or a bad thing; it all depends on what you make of it.

People should not perform good deeds to get them back, because karma does not work that way. Some people just expect good things to happen to them after their good deed is complete; however; karma does not always occur. It is one of those unexpected occurrences.

You might not believe in karma, and no one has to. However, from personal experience, I believe its happening everyday, and most of the time you don’t even realize when karma is occurring.

My friend had a recent personal experience that I think karma played a huge role in. She was walking through the streets of New York City when a homeless man sitting by a stop sign caught her eye. She walked by him and had a little conversation with him and then gave him some money. Later that day my friend was walking across the street and a taxi cab almost hit her, but luckily someone helped her out of the way before the taxi hit her. When she shared this story with me later that day, I was sure it was because of karma. And because of her act of kindness towards the man by the stop sign, she was repaid with her life. I am convinced that the man that saved my friend’s life will sooner or later be repaid for his good deed. Because of my strong belief in karma there are little things that I do like picking up trash outside, returning lost dogs back to their owners or even babysitting for free. I do these deeds not because of what I might get in return, but because I care and I would want other people to do the same.

Karma in my opinion is like a chain that never ends. It started with that first act of kindness and the first act of cruelty, and it just kept going on from one person to the next.

In my sixteen years of living, karma has played a major role in my life and has brought both joy and sorrow into it. This is why I believe in karma.