This I Believe

Barbara - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: parenthood

i believe in invisible threads. let me explain lest you think i am having visions or mental health problems. this is not about magical thinking; it’s about parenting. as a parent, “letting go” has been the most essential, most difficult and most rewarding task i have had to accomplish in my life. sure we hear about this concept of “letting go” all the time as our kids grow from toddlers to teens to young adults. we are told that this is a normal part of parenting: the better job you do as a parent, the easier time your kids have moving through the developmental stages. this is all true; however, the challenge remains as a parent to learn to both hold on and let go of our kids at appropriate times and in healthy ways.

the cord is literally cut at birth and from this very moment, the process of letting go begins. the attachment, however, remains forever. a single invisible thread connects us to our children and our children to their children and on and on throughout the generations. this thread weaves a web of connection that is unbreakable–a connection to family that lasts forever. this thread binds us to our children and our children to us and is woven into a magnificent silken web.

this i believe–i am in the process of letting go my entire life; as long as i know that i leave behind a legacy for my chilfren to hold onto these invisible threads when necessary and to weave their own webs for their children, then i know that i have done my job well as a parent.