This I Believe

First Namelinda - Marion, North Carolina
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: nature

Autumn In the Blue Ridge Mountains

As Autumn descends upon us yet again, we are, in this new millennium, surrounded by the unequaled splendor of the riotous color of the Blue Ridge Mountains. At this time, as in no other, Mother Nature and Human Nature coalesce in a harmonious jubilee of the senses. We are assailed with glorious sights, smells, and sounds that tantalize and energize the mere human psyche, coaxing us to explore the great outdoors.

As Mother Nature takes out her paint brush, the green of summer gives way to brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and red, treating our eyes to a show unequaled on any theatrical stage, Human Nature can only stand in awe. Fluffy white clouds tantalize the imagination with ever changing shapes against the crystal blue backdrop of an autumn sky.

The smell of apples and fallen leaves causes us to wax nostalgic, as we snuggle into our freshly unpacked sweaters and sip hot cinnamony cider on our porches.

Our spirits soar with the migrating birds, we see heaven in a distant red, yellow, and orange speckled mountain, and Niagara in a drop of water.

Leaves crackling underfoot, Jack o Lanterns smiling their toothless grins, bright mums blooming in a neighbors yard, morning glories, crisp juicy apples, cool nights, frosty mornings — all blessings of autumn in the mountains.

While many may visit and sample a taste of the splendor of our native autumn, only we, who live here, can truly savor it. It surrounds us, fills us, weaving a spell of autumn magic. Couples cuddle, families picnic, and play as we squeeze every ounce of pleasure we can from these last few warm days.

A fall evening will find us turning off the TV and radio and watching squirrels scamper and leaves fall, listening to cacophony of dozens of flocking birds. The mere awesome wonder of it all making words unnecessary.

As once again Mother Nature puts on the Ritz for us, we are reminded that we are truly blessed to live here, in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.