This I Believe

Sammantha - Canton, Michigan
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Do you believe there is that one person in the world for everyone? Not true love or anything but just that one person that gets you and you get them. Because I sure do, I believe there is that one best friend for everyone.

I know I may be young, being only 18 years old but I think I just might have found my best friend for life. He gets me, I get him. By no means am I saying he’s my true love or soul mate, but who knows, right its just best friends. The one person in the world, and my life right now that I can actually go to with anything no matter what it might be. The feeling of knowing you could say anything, do anything, wear anything and that person will not judge you, is amazing. Yes, they might think you’re a little crazy but they by no means judge you because of it.

I think everyone has two different sides to them. The side they are with anyone and then the side only the people close to you sees. The side that you’re not always confident to show just anyone, and that is why you have that one person.

He has been there for me whenever I have needed him, and never have I felt more comfortable with anyone like I feel with him. I can be myself around him all the time and not worry about anything; he makes me feel like I have no worries in the world. He helps me to forget what problems I may have when we’re together.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe I need him to be me and live life, just that he helps me get through my days a little easier. And don’t think my relationship with him is perfect, because it is far from perfect. We fight, we have our little stupid arguments and have all are own problems. Somehow it always seems to work out though, with time.

I believe there is so much history, understanding and love shared between us that if we don’t end up a couple in life he, as will I, will always be my best friend. He will always be the one I will feel the most comfortable with when it comes to anything. I just hope others can find this, because I believe I am a very lucky girl to have found him and the feeling he gives me.