This I Believe

Emma - Plantation, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Try offering chocolate cake to my two year old brother- a scrunch of his nose and a steady shake of his head, clearly states his dislike of that particular food. Pile the vegetables onto his plate, and a grin from ear to ear fills his face. People find this incredible: a child choosing the healthier aspect of life. But recently, I’ve discovered that chocolate is in fact better for you than spinach.

This belief is not only a true fact at the moment (after all E-coli is not found in any ordinary Hershey’s chocolate bar), but it also relates to my everyday life. I have come to the conclusion that the obvious path in life is not always the right one to follow.

I have a friend whose mother is a motivational speaker. Her work requires her to wake at the crack of dawn and drive for many hours to get to an event. But not once do you hear her complain, so unlike the average American adult. Why, do you ask? Well, she simply loves what she does. The inspiration she gives out to the many people is so helpful to her in return. She receives emotional emails of how her words have changed other individual’s lives. They just make her day. Although the obvious thing to do is to get your sleep, the right thing is what Kandee G is doing. She loves inspiring others to love their lives, and in turn, she is happy with her own life.

About a year ago, my mother received a call from her best friend. It was a sad call, one my mother would never forget: her best friend had been diagnosed with cancer. Four months later, while on a family trip to the South of France, my mother received yet another call, this time from Barbara’s son. He said that his mother had passed away the night before. My mother had always been a health nut, but with the death of one of her closest friends, my mother finally came to the realization that life was too short. Mummy began purchasing cakes and ice creams (yes the ice cream is made of soy and the cake is parve, but still…). She finally understood the meaning of how short life was. Mummy came to the realization that chocolate was indeed better than spinach; you never know what is coming around the corner, so you have to live life enjoying ever minute of your present. After all, who would want to waste their last few moments on earth eating spinach? Pile on that chocolate please!