This I Believe

Valerie - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in personal answers: a value that rules my thought. An answer is a conclusion; a question mark is the start of it. An answer is a personal possibility that defines that question. Answers are infinite. Definite is impossible. Our wonders overwhelm us and yet they fuel curiosity, racing us to closure. We live for responses and search for the concluded life. We are so crazed that we actually search for the one thing that would end all wonders: answers.

We live in a world of answers. We are constantly receiving responses.

My sister, Cyndi, used to write letters to her angels when she was younger. She would write down her questions on scrap pieces of paper and slip them in a pink angel box. The box was surrounded by porcelain and plastic angels that could sit on the edge of a table or lie and whisper with their hand cupped in front of their cute mouths. When a box was finally full, little Cyndi would simply start a new box. The questions were honest wonders. The boxes were filled with concerns such as “what if” questions, as well as love questions. She trusted her angels to answer suggestions that were too embarrassing to ask anyone else. Then, she relied on a personal source to answer her questions. In a way, she was always really asking herself these questions. Cyndi did not know how she would get answers. She did believe she would get them though.

Cyndi went on to unintentionally find answers every day. As she pondered one question at a time, things became clear to her. Getting along with people that often confused her was no longer so difficult. The realization that her older sister did love her relieved every bone in her small body. Her questions about God, however, were never answered. At the age of 20, Cyndi’s questions from when she was 8 are still being answered today.

I believe personal answers are given to us by the angels that surround our boxes. All we can do is live to find them out. Self discovery is the product of experimenting with our questions.

Since you hold the power to wonder, you should ask yourself every day, “How can I truly live?”