This I Believe

Felicia - Davie, Florida
Entered on October 10, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Gallivanting about are Ninja Turtles, catwomen, Ghostbusters, cross-dressers, and Jesus. As I peer to the corner of the illuminated room, I see professional hockey look-alikes and Bruce Lee fans. No, I am not attending a Halloween Party or masquerade, but instead Superhero Day at my school. As many Power Ranger and Superman admirers fly about the halls, I realize how significant individuality is. Talking with her friends is Daniela, who dons a Grammar Queen costume. Across the cluttered hall is Sami, dressed as her favorite teacher, Mrs. Winrow. With all of the Spidermen and Batmen of the world, I believe that it is the unique Jimi Hendrix that deserves the spotlight.

Growing up in a tight knit Jewish family, I always felt comfortable with my two sisters. Compared to most people, my experiences are unique, as I share a birthday with them. Yes we are triplets, and one can only imagine how it feels. Although we are unique as a whole, it is hard for others to find individuality amongst us. To strangers and acquaintances I am known as “the triplet,” a common nickname that doesn’t make me feel like a person. I always think, “Yes I’m aware that I’m a triplet, but with my own personality.”

Out of the three of us, we have each distinguished our own grades, goals, likes, and dislikes. I prefer taking photographs over Hali, who would rather sing sweet music. Allison, like Hali and I, loves to write, yet she is the one who truly knows the art of it. In my family, we joke about how opposite we all are. If I wanted to go out for dinner, Hali wouldn’t care, and Allison would flat out say “no.” It is particularly funny that we get along so well with such different personas, yet we manage to do it. In our house, we are not “the triplets,” but instead Felicia, Hali, and Allison.

Indeed, acknowledging one’s uniqueness is a significant part of life. Although everyone has different DNA, most tend to copy the popular way to live. Whether it’s dressing like your favorite Hollywood actress or listening to a certain type of music, the general population believes in conformity. Lately, the masses have been able to part the sea to reveal people who aren’t afraid to follow the crowd. A good friend of mine, Francine, has an outgoing personality that can lead a pack of wolves. I truly admire her free, amiable spirit that one can only wish to achieve over a lifetime.

Inside of every person, there is a voice that whispers in your ear. It is truly a task to listen and follow what it says. This faint whisper, which everyone has inside of them, directs you to express what you need in life, not what you should need. I believe that letting loose and expressing your true self is the only way to live an enjoyable life.