This I Believe

Kushith - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: science

I believe that the universe has the natural tendency to cease existence.

There are many conflicting theories about this and the latest scientific models have become extremely complex and sophisticated to the point they mean very little especially to the average member of humanity, as they try to prove things mathematically. From “Super string theory” to the “M-theory”, there is a vast array of explanations of what the universe really is. Yet the so called “Theory of everything” is not any closer than it was centuries ago.

I think resorting to mathematics and formulae to interpret the universe is a rather foolish approach to go about it, as it was only the humans that invented mathematics and numbers and they don’t at all relate to any form to the rest of the universe. Perhaps the only numerical values or concepts that are relevant to the universe as a whole are zero and infinity. While mathematics and scientific calculation methods are powerful practical tools to determine earthly and near earth matters from making bridges stronger to measuring distance between stars, we can’t rely on it as a tool to decipher the universe.

I believe that a simple model of considering the universe as made up of many components such as space, time, energy, matter and so on, all of which can be inter converted (as it is the case with mass to energy). The notion of what is “beyond” implies that we are talking about space. It is quite likely that by the time we reach the “edge” of the space dimension, other phenomena such as time is also likely to be absent beyond that. Yet, it doesn’t make sense to think of an abrupt end to space and time hence it is more likely to fade away gradually in a chaotic cloudlike manner. The only way we can think of “fading” time is to resort to the concept of “time rate”.

I believe the only reason why the speed of light is not infinite but a finite value (despite the fact that there is no reason why there should be a delay between one electric field oscillation to trigger the next magnetic field oscillation) is because we live in a space time region that has a time rate other than the most natural value for it to be. (we should never take it for granted that our region of the universe is where the most basic or fundamental conditions exist).

I also believe all things to exist in the universe – the existenceies – are receding back to it’s most natural state – the oblivion or nothingness. So the universe is currently at a state of imploding into nothingness, and the process is getting faster each second. Yet, due to the fact that this process is taking a finite amount of time (again due to the other than ideal time rate) we enjoy the luxury of staying around for the time being.

Even though there could be other universes “out there” we don’t have any relation to them what so ever as they existence is entirely irrelevant to ours, and don’t pose any influence on us.

Perhaps the most ingenious theory of all – the one that everybody can easily understand or at least accept – is that it is all the work of God. But there is one problem. I don’t believe that God created us all, yet we the humans created God. He is not up there in the skies, yet up here in our heads.