This I Believe

Connor - Florissant, Colorado
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

We seek to diminish the role of free will among our transgressors. To ascribe to them influences beyond their control which conduct their deeds.

It is heinous to us to accept that their actions may have singular and clear motivation, undeterred by our civilization or religion; that our system of justice has no hold over them. That fear of earthly retribution is insufficient to hold them or their conduct at bay.

Those possessing the power of unfettered free will and the primal imperative for self determinism devour the seed corn and slaughter the ram. Those so possessed, however evil, outweigh the strength of the righteous, at least for the day. Yet the act of retribution merely begets a response of further affront.

Therefore, let us neither ascribe nor impute the reasons for their behavior. This rationalization is cowardice, allowing us to make victim of the villain; and thus mollified, more able to forgive.

Let us simply judge by what we perceive in our hearts, unsoftened by conventions which beseech us to deny our intuition. For in being faithful to our intuition, we shall see clearly. Then we can forgive with legitimate comprehension of the depth and darkness of the evil. By the power of God alone can we make this forgiveness. To mollify sin by attribution and dole out mere mercy is but the forgiveness of man.