This I Believe

Jose - West Palm Beach, Florida
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

I believe that if you do things right, you will have a better life than not doing anything right, and itll help you be more successful, and it will make you a better person. My parents, mostly my father tell me to do things right all the time, no matter what it is, and everything has its benifits and rewards, depending what it is that you do. I have had several experiences that helped me lead to support to always do things right.

My first experience was when I was doing Tae Kwon Do, every time for 7 years of training, doing things right meant giving 110% in each training class that was at least 1 hour and a half long, and every drill and every kick had to be solid or else, you would not do so well competing because they are good athletes also. When you do things right, it becomes second nature and as I said, it has a benifit always. After all those years of training, I won nationals and state championships, which means that everything I have done was done right, so when you get in the ring, you will perform well.

An other experience that I had was that in school. When you always study hard and think hard for your classes, you will get at least a B in the class or on the test. In middle school, I almost never studied for a test, and the ones that I studied for, I ended up with an A. Whenever I did my homework was interested in knowing what my homework was about and wanted to learn, I didnt really have to study much because I already knew th information read and worked on. When I got on to high school, I was far more dedicated to my school work and I did everything the best I could and as right as I could, and I had As and Bs on my report cards, and was rare for me to get below a C on an assignment.

When you work on other things that are far more delicate than what you would normally do in your everyday life, not doing things right can get you lots and lots of problems, make you do what you already did over again, or changing things. This experience that I had was when I was working on a car. I wasnt paying attention and I broke a bolt that goes on the cylinder head. Just because of one bolt like that, you have to take apart the whole top end of the engine, take out the heads to the machine shop, and if your luckey, you will get the cylinder head back the next day. Something that only would have taken 10 minutes just took almost 3 days of hard work and we pay for our mistakes, not the customers. On top of that, we got payed for what we were supposed to do and had to pay for all the other expences because of a very small mistake. A mistake that if done right the first time, we wouldnt of had to bother with anything else.

The last reason that you should do everything right because the way a person does something tells alot about a person. Believe it or not, you are always representing someone in your life, and you do that by how you handle youre attitude, how you do things, why you do things, your apperence which people shouldnt be basing much of their judgment off of, and your abilities and gifts you have. The world we live in now has alot of stereotypes, and unfortunatly, their all not good. When people see alot of Colored people in Jail, when they see a colored person, they think,” Be carefull, he is colored, he could be a bad person “, or even when they would see a spanish person, some white people would say,” Man, We still cant get these Mexican people out of here”, and not like us, or they would think, Spanish people have talent and can work hard in life. These stereotypes affect us alot in scociety today, but if we would do things right, many things can change. I just wish that before a person does something bad or wrong, that who ever recognizes it, thats what that person would look at everyone else of that race as and the name you are giving the rest of your peope. Then people that do the right things and do things right are the ones that get hammered. I wish they realize this, and that the world can change alot if this changes.

I have come to the conclusion that doing things right can make a huge difference in the world durring this modern time period.

Jose Rojas