This I Believe

Spencer - west palm beach, Florida
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, fear, love

You never think it could happen to you. A death in the family, but then it happens you get that awful news that some that you love has gone to another place. I believe some times we take things for granite. Never knowing what we had until it’s gone.

October 11, 2004 was the day my grandma die. On the 8th my grandma was summated to the hospital for severe chest pains soon after she had a quadruple bypass surgery and made it through, but was still in critical condition. If you don’t know when you have a bypass surgery they have to break your ribcage in order to operate and in my grandmas case they had to leave it open just in case the doctors had to go back in and to surgery. During my grandmas stay at the hospital all her friends and family went to see her all except one me. I just couldn’t do it. I was afraid of what she would look like I was scared to see her like that in those bed’s with like 10 tubes coming out of her. 2 days after the surgery she had another double bypass, and a vein was taken from her leg and put into her heart used as an arteries after this surgery she was expected to make a full recovery, but the morning after blood wasn’t circulating through her leg. Once again another surgery on her leg to correct the blood circulation in her leg during the surgery my grandma had a heartattack and died

I was called out of school and told be my parents that my grandma had died. The next few weeks just kind of blew over I didn’t have to do work it school and food was delivered to my house every night. At the funeral I sat in the front row with a blank look on her face just thinking about my grandma I wasn’t sad cause to me I didn’t seem like she was dead it seemed like she was on vacation she always went to Vegas and played the slot machines. Then it hit me 3 months later she was never coming back. I miss her nagging her deviled eggs, and now after all of that I feel responsible I know I shouldn’t cause it’s not my fault, but I feel if I had gone and seen her she’d still be here. Now If I could turn back time to do one think in my life it would be to get to say goodbye to that sweet old lady I once knew as my grandma.