This I Believe

Kathleen - Kirkland, Washington
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe, that being over 50 is a key that has unlocked freedom to not just dream those dreams we all have, but to live them. For me, aging with style and grace is now to dare to do more by living the dreams of being that actress, the athlete, writer and musician. The dare to dream didn’t happen overnight, because after all one still needs to eat and pay bills and take of families. But, I have been able to move toward all those dreams by keeping them in sight, sometimes juggling many “balls in the air” and ultimately making decisions along the way.

I started small with some dreams-like running a 3 mile fun run which then led to a triathlon. I took a drama course and am now pursuing doing some real acting on a stage. I married a wonderful man of my dreams after years of trying to fill the expectations of others instead of my own desires. I finally made a difficult decision to leave an all consuming corporate job. It was not done without a stout heart and lots of support-but I’ve not looked back on that step with any regret.

In the beginning there were many small steps with some becoming life changing events as the road became clearer and my steps became bolder. All were counted as individual successes in fulfilling long buried desires and dreams. And as I continue, I’m finding I am those dreams and more and am much braver than I thought. I may not be a star in the public sense but I’m a star in my heart and I enjoy who I am more with time and share the real me with others. As I age I treasure my personal style by taking care of my health, mind and physical appearance by making choices that keep me a whole and happy person.

This I believe, that to live my dreams I must appreciate with joy all the simplicity and complexity of the past, the present and the future. The world prior to 50 was a wonderful preparation for being comfortable with the person I am now and not always looking to others for approval. I’m all the approval I need! I appreciate that person I was prior to 50 who worked hard work, had difficult losses, made life-altering decisions, raised fine children, enjoyed relationships, and had a traditional career. But, I have never stopped dreaming. My Grandmother had her 95th birthday this summer and she is still thinking big thoughts, doing all she can each day, reading the newspaper cover to cover, dressing up in her nicest clothes and dreaming about what she’ll do next year. I am too.

This I believe.