This I Believe

Kaaun - 33404, Florida
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I know who i am, and where i want to go in life. The ride so far has been an interesting one. every 24 hours somthing new comes too me and i realize that i must use my daily struggle to get where i am going. I am a student just trying to make life possible in a world of tumoil and confusion. Everyday the stuggle of living make me want to give up. Already so much has been placed in my life that i should be in a crazy house. I lost 10 members of my family in 2006, and i live with the thought of who will be next. still i know that i must hold on and continue in my faith. As a child i was abused in many ways of not feeling loved or cared for, and yet i hold on to my desire to please those who are depending on me. I have purpose in this life and iwill fufill that what i am reaching for come hell or high water.Nothing, not even death will stop me from reaching that place of peace,joy and happiness. I know what holds my life together and wont allow my troubles to have the last laugh over me. life has hurdeles, but have equipped my self with the endurance to jump over every last one of them until i cross that finish line.

Ibelieve that there is somthing so powerful holding me together and without it i wouldnt have been able to stand in my time of weakness. It is my faith in God that keeps me looking to heaven for answersbecause if it hadn’t been for him on my side i know that i wouln’t be able to walk with the strength and courage that i posses. Ibelive that if i keep being faithful to him that he will continue to direct the road of my life.