This I Believe

Alisha - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Myself

I believe in myself. That may sound cheesy or cocky to some people, but I think that it’s important to have self- confidence. Love and respect for others begins with love for oneself. I’m not talking about walking around saying, “I’m so great! What would mankind do without me?” I’m talking about truly regarding what we’ve been given in life, such as our talents, strengths, and friends.

Obviously, we’ve all encountered some miserable, discouraging people. Their theory is “My pleasure is your pain.” Nasty people don’t have any self-esteem, so they try to make everyone feel the way they do. They figure, “If I’m unhappy, everyone should be unhappy.” They’re insecure, so they deflect attention off of themselves and put it on others.

We have to treat these people with extra care. We’re so inclined to be nasty back, but by spreading kindness, we’ll eventually be treated kindly in return. I don’t think that we should put other people down. It’s not nice, and how far does it get us in life? Putting oneself down is even worse. It’s human to be a little mad at ourselves for silly little mistakes, but we can’t beat ourselves up over them.

By presenting ourselves in a confident manner, people will respect us. It’s so hard to be disrespectful to a confident, organized, polite person. These sorts of people “command” respect. It’s not really that hard to act confidently. Even if you’re feeling jittery, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and tell yourself “I can do it.” This never fails. If you say this enough, you will begin to believe it, even if you are shaking in your boots.

Another way to respect people is to focus on the positive qualities they (or you) possess. Not so great at Spanish? Maybe you’re amazing at P.E. After all, you ran the mile in 6 minutes! Does your friend stink at softball? This doesn’t matter, because she rocks Trig equations! Everyone is blessed with different talents. Someone may be bad at one thing, but absolutely amazing at another! Peoples’ talents and faults balance each other out.

If we can learn to appreciate what special qualities make people individuals, then that’s great. Being fun and different is so awesome! We need some variety, because if we all dressed the same way, played the same sports, and were all perfect students, life would get SO BORING!

I believe in my abilities and myself. If I find myself starting to have doubts, I just take a deep breath and focus on the positives. Negative energies that we direct at others or keep inside ourselves are destructive and unnecessary. When we recognize what our talents and abilities are, we can share them with others to improve their lives, as well as ours. If everyone had a “glass half full” outlook on life, we could end discrimination, war, and poverty. We would be able to find a cure for numerous diseases. We would make the world a better place.