This I Believe

Barbara - Durham, North Carolina
Entered on October 9, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

My political concerns- That Affect my beliefs (March 4. 2006)

I am concerned about the cost of living being equal to minimum wages. I am concerned that people who are undocumented immigrants be processed like any other undocumented immigrant, and that we should not encourage other countries to make them want to leave their countries and come here, by assisting dictatorships and fascists.

I am concerned that Americans continue to have freedom and the right to privacy without the threat of a dictatorship

I am concerned about everyone receiving healthcare regardless of income, and to have access to healthy food without it being expensive for those who cannot afford to eat well.

I am concerned about everyone living in Peace and not having gang wars, domestic violence, or nuclear war.

I am concerned about everyone having meaningful employment that gives them a sense of pride and that they are treated with dignity.

I am concerned that everyone be able to practice their own spiritual beliefs and that no one belief is given greater power than the other monetarily or politically.

I am concerned that when people are old and in need that they get taken care of and with dignity, and to be as independent as they can to make their own decisions as long as they are competent to do so. I am also concerned that people not be given dangerous drugs by drug companies so that drug corporations can become richer. I am also concerned that money go more towards research for curing illnesses rather than towards cosmetics.

I am concerned about how tax dollars are spent, and whether there will an income for older adults who don’t have a 401K or retirement pension. I am concerned about fair taxes if we are going to have a tax system at all. Not just breaks for the rich.

I am concerned about protecting the innocence of children and that child sexual abuse and slavery are eliminated off the face of this earth.

I am concerned about there being research done to cure diseases rather than to make big bucks for drug corporations. I am concerned about the prevention of new diseases and illnesses.

I am concerned about there being education for everyone and not just for those who can afford it. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I am concerned that Global warming will affect us all and that finding another planet to live on is not the answer. I am also concerned that Nuclear power plants aren’t the answer to cheaper fuel.

I am concerned that we don’t have enough support for creative people.

I am concerned that no one should die starving with all of the food and wealth in the world and farmers should be encouraged to grow things other than tobacco and cocaine.

I am concerned that crime is still unequal under the eyes of the law and that there are two sets of laws one for the rich and one for the poor who end up in Prison because they did not get the support when they needed it earlier in their lives by a society that created them in the first place.

I am concerned about a woman having the right to choose about whether or not to have a baby.

I am concerned about the mentally ill who end up in prison and that the prison system, while growing, is headed towards privatization while mental health care is shrinking.

I am concerned about global terrorism not only from one group, but from all Fundamentalism.

I am concerned that we have the best care in reacting to major disasters.