This I Believe

Sally - 33436, Florida
Entered on October 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Karma. What goes around comes around. It’s when your actions have consequences. What you give is what you get. I never believed in karma before. I thought it was some catchy saying that everyone says. But this summer I discovered what karma truly means, and now totally believe in.

This summer, I did what every other 15 year old teenager does. I went to parties and out with friends to the beach, etc…. But my parents are the super strict kind. They want you home before 10:00 and don’t like you sleeping over. If there were boys at the place I going to they would start giving me a lecture of how to be “cautious” and how boys can be “dangerous.” So every time I went out I usually lied to my parents about where I would be and say only girls were going to be there. But gradually the lies became worse and worse. I thought it was okay to lie because everyone else did it and got away with it. But one night I completely changed my views around.

Summer was almost over and my senior friend Matt decided to have a party for him and his senior friends before they left for college. My friends and I were invited but I knew my parents would NEVER let me go, especially because there were going to be boys there. But everyone was going to be there and I wanted to see all my senior friends before they left. So I told my parents I was going sleepover at my friend Suzanne’s house and watch a movie. They agreed, so my friends picked me up and we headed for the party. Once we were at the party Suzanne and I were very bored so we decided to call up our guy friend who agreed to pick us up and take us somewhere else. When we got into the car I suddenly had a feeling deep in my stomach telling me something was going to be wrong.

We headed to the gas station but while we were pulling into it a huge truck came speeding by and hit the front part of our car. I literally saw the rim and head of the car fly up. The first thought in my head was get out of the freaking car. So me and Suzanne dashed out of the car and hid in the gas station bathroom. Nobody was hurt but I was shaking so bad. It was the scariest moment in my entire life. We immediately called Matt to come pick us up. Luckily he did and took us home. While we were driving back home I completely broke down, tears and all. It defiantly hit me that I should never lie to my parents again; it was a complete wakeup call. Karma really came back and bit me in the butt.