This I Believe

Cynthia - Matthews, North Carolina
Entered on October 8, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I belive in life. Recently I was given the choice between living and dying. I chose life. Due to an unfornunate accident every bone in my face was crushed. In the ambulance ride to the hospital the female emergency technician asked me to “stay with her”, I replied that I just wanted to go to sleep for a minute, and then every thing would be fine. She insisted that I stay awake. I told her I would remain conscience if she would not to speak so loudly. Even though my jaw and chin were broken in six places, I chatted with her for the thirty minutes it required to get to the hospital with the best trauma center. The plastic surgeon who rebuilt my face with metal and bone from my skull, indicated I had sustained the most extensive fractures he had ever repaired. Not a day passes that I don’t regret my decision to live and not a day that I don’t rejoice that I survived. I discovered that my family and friends in my life want me here. As I was wheeled from eight hours of surgery I was surprised to see a sister I had not spoken to in years and signed that I “I loved her”. During the two weeks I was in the hospital, my mother told me, the oldest of four children, I had to live because I was the glue that held my family together. I was given the opportunity to believe that my life is significant to everyone who knows me. Every time I look in the mirror or try to eat or speak, I tell my self I am happy to be alive and try hard to believe that it is true. I will never win the Nobel Prize or develop a cure for cancer but, like many others, I matter to the people who know me and have been blessed with this information. If everyone were given a split second to decide whether their life was important enough to live, I know they would choose not to go to sleep.