This I Believe

Maureen - Murray, Utah
Entered on October 8, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that there is an unique and irreplaceable element in each and every human personality, one that can never be cloned or duplicated in any way. I believe that this constitutes the “best self” of that individual, the shining and perfected Being whom each of us comes to this Earth, and perhaps other spheres of being, through many lives and in many incarnations, in order to become. I believe that we are not interchangeable, we are not replaceable, we are not mass produced. I believe that the incomparable gift of the Being of each human is unique, and that if You do not, through your many and diverse human lifetimes, become what you are intended to Be and perform what you are intended to Do, that that flowering of Being and that gift of Doing to the Universe is irreplaceably lost. I believe that it takes each and every individual who has ever lived to create the entire fabric of the potential of human living. I believe that no act of Love is meaningless and no act of Hatred can endure. And most of all, I believe that it is our precious and perfect gift to assist one another in becoming that perfect person. And a life so lived is a life full and replenishing. This I believe.