This I Believe

Danielle - Lake Worth, Florida
Entered on October 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

There are many beliefs throughout the world on many

different issues. Religion is by far the most argumentative subject.

People think with dependent minds and follow with insecurities. Yet

it is the independent minds that lead the world to greater


People use independent minds to follow so they wont have to think for themselves, as I have have observed many times. This is how most religion came to be. People with strong beliefs and

morals share them with the world and people who are too weak to

think and believe in their own morals follow them. My parents have

been strong believers in Christianity and it was how i was brought

up. I never thought twice about believing in it because that was who I was raised to be.

People follow mostly because they have no confidence. They might feel outcasted, as I did, if they choose their own path. We all have observed this but never take time to process it. When I finally realized what was happening in the world around me I changed my thoughts and beliefs. Often the people that follow and aren’t sure of their beliefs have put themselves in a rut for so long that they don’t stop to think about their own thoughts anymore.

I believe it is the ones with the different and independent

minds that live their lives as they want it and not how other people

see that their lives to be lived. Once I decided to be athiest my

parents and friends outcasted me for a while. I had no one to talk to

and when I did they tried to shove Chritianity down my throat again.

They see difference as a sin, yet it is known to be a sin to see

difference as a sin.

I am the independent mind and it is not I that has led the country to war and bigotry. Religion has created problems as well as solved them, but people think with controlled minds and follow the same path as everyone else. It is the ones who believe in themselves that will make a change in the world. It is only the people who have destroyed us that can restore us.