This I Believe

Jan Stephen - Crumpton, Maryland
Entered on October 7, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I Truly Believe

I believe in the Rule of Law.

I believe the Rule of Law is the next best thing to the Law of Love.

I believe that if we can not love our brothers and sisters as we should we can at least obey the rule of law by which peace can prevail.

I believe we live in the Age of Terrorism, the terror of war unbounded: strike first with all manner of killing justified, including the slaughter of the innocent and torture. It is humanity regressing with means justifying the ends.

I believe such a belief is immoral and an affront unto Love.

I believe that ending the Age of Terrorism peacefully is our highest moral imperative.

I believe that there is hope for a peaceful end to the Age of Terrorism, but I also believe this could become the Age of Catastrophe.

I believe that our safety relies on our returning to the heritage of greatness achieved twice in the last century when we worked with humanity and took the first two steps to international law: The League of Nations and the United Nations. I believe that the only question before history at the beginning of this century is this: Will humanity take the third step to a World of Nations before or after World War III?

I believe that the vast majority of humanity will follow such leadership.

This I truly believe: The United States of America waging a Doctrine of Peace will earn this generation of American’s the title “The next greatest generation.”