This I Believe

Beth - Dayton, Ohio
Entered on October 7, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50


(and I have your children in my car)

As we listen to my essay, I am right in front of you, driving my car too, driving a long journey to work to make a buck or two too, momma needs a new pair of shoes, and so does my baby. Coffee, need more coffee, that storm last night was ferocious, didn’t sleep a wink, what a beautiful sunrise. No wonder the Indians held it in high esteem, isn’t life amazing? My paper is overdue,….I need to pull it together for my students, they are going to bombard me as soon as I get in the door… they don’t forget a thing, but I love them no matter….I wonder who loves them too?… 100 personalities a day wears me out for the drive home, I’ll worry about that when the time comes. I’ll make it…

Thinking of a better way to make things right, the sun crashing through the windshield, blinding, the windows need cleaned I can’t see. Were tired, worries, the bills, the kids, regrets…don’t go there, hassles, stress, hunger, what’s for lunch? What did I miss about that story on NPR, turn it up, wake up.

Thinking endlessly, except about one another. This I believe, I am your sister.

It’s my turn, I was lost in meditation, daydreaming, listening to the radio; I’m sorry I will signal to let you know I’m off at this exit. Why are you speeding up? I can’t slow down, my tail is being rode, please let me over…are you letting me over? My windows are a little foggy, I think I can get over, this is my turn…why are you speeding up you idiot, can’t you see I’m trying to get over?! My signal is ON! I’m goin’ for it! Why are you acting like I’m stealing something from you? You don’t own the road! GOD! THE STRESS! What a jerk! I’m not going to let you get to me…what the? …! What are you doing?!!!!You don’t want off at this exit, your signal isn’t on! Leave me alone!

Sheezus! I made it, now you slow down. Why do you act that way?! I go as fast as my 4 cylinder car can go! I’m not adding to the gas crunch!! Go far away from me….

Last night, I remember you…you were in such a hurry, and it wasn’t even rush hour, it was 9pm. Remember me? I signaled to get over and you wanted me to stop in the middle of traffic so that you could continue on your path, it’s not about anyone else. You were in a haze, thinking about the money you owe? Or that you were late? Or that you hate everyone but your family, maybe you hate them too?

Aren’t you the one who pulled the road rage on me on our way to your house, when I was trying to get your children home safely?

This I believe, If you knew or believed I were your sister, or that I had your children in my car, you would let me over.