This I Believe

Sarah - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Sarah Greenlee

Ms. Meyers

IPC Period 10

Oct. 2 2006

This I Believe: Miracles

For a lot of people, life really is not all that difficult. They might think that getting an F on a Geometry test is the end of the world, but not until you experience something truly life changing do you realize how good you life really is.

I believe that miracles really can happen, however big or small. In 2002, as we were driving home from a concert, we received a call from my dad. My aunt had had her baby. The only thing wrong was that Payton had come into the world three months premature. He only weighed two pounds, three ounces and was smaller than an American Girl Doll. He had to stay in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit for three months before he could come home. We could only imagine how hard it was for my aunt and uncle, not knowing if their little bundle of joy was going to make it. Then, twenty one months after Payton was born, my aunt had a stroke while pregnant with her second child. She was taken to the hospital and baby Catherine was born two months early. This time, not only did Catherine have to stay in the hospital for two months, my aunt also had to stay for about a week. This meant that family and friends had to step in and take care of Payton at home. It was a lot easier for everyone when my aunt maintained her positive personality and sense of humor the whole time.

Some developmental issues came up with Payton as he started to grow, so now he goes to speech and physical therapy. He actually just competed in a horse show since horse back riding is part of his therapy. He and Cate have come so far from when they were born. They beat all the odds and are very happy and healthy. Each time we see them, they have something new to show us, or, more recently, say to us. It is so exciting to see them doing so well.

Miracles really can happen to everyday people. Sometimes, you just have to let nature take her course to see them.