This I Believe

Victor - Lagrange, Illinois
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Standing Strong

Everyone on this planet has gone through a difficult time in their life. Some may experience much more difficulty than others, but depending on the situation and the subject, they can all be viewed many different ways.

I have lived a life that has treated me well. I was on a soccer team as a kid, I went to a decent school, have a wonderful family, and at an early age I found the love of my life which remains today, music. Many could see this life as bland, and other glorious, but to me it was suitable to my personality. It changed the way I am today. The way I learned from my mistakes and from the mistakes of those around me, they have all shaped me. Along with these wonderful influences of change, there were also the challenges I faced, which also had a huge role in determining who I am today.

For a three year period, some might have called my life hell. It began with the bankruptcy of my family, which took my mother’s Bipolar to a whole new level. She was a different person. This strong powerful woman whom I knew as my mother had disappeared. It was as if she walked out of this world, only to be replaced with someone loveless of life. With my mothers job being the only form of income and the only thing that kept me in school, the only way out of the situation was for my father, mother, and I move to my dad’s native country, Brazil.

As soon as her recovery was noticeable and things were really improving, I wake up one morning to find that she and my father were in a car accident. I remember the morning as if it was yesterday. I woke up without an alarm, and I was worried that I was going to be late for school. I was quickly informed by my aunt that my parents had gotten into an accident and to not worry because it was very minor. I was a little worried, but had not predicted what was to come. About half an hour later I discovered that my father had survived the “very minor” accident with some injuries to the head, but my mother had died of internal bleeding.

I believe that we should win these battles that we constantly wake up with instead of running away from them. It was very difficult at first, but with time it became very simple for me to stay positive. I can easily say I am completely ok with her death. I learned so much with the time I spent with my mother, and continue to learn with the strategies of life she taught me. If I could, I would not change anything that happened. It is a part of who I am and it makes me stronger everyday.