This I Believe

Grace - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in determination. Determination gets things done, determination is the key to success. Without determination, I would be no where. Being my size, you have to be determined in everything you do. I whisper to myself on the soccer field, “Be Determined” over and over in every single game. This saying allows me to take the ball away from someone an entire foot taller and eighty pounds heavier than me.

During school I always hear remarks like, “She’s in high school?”, “She looks like a second grader.”, and comments like “Whoa, she is so short.” Seeing how I cannot will myself to grow, I simply just whisper to myself, “Be determined.” When I think the saying, “Be determined.”, I know to just keep my head up and literally use determination to keep walking and put the remarks out of my head.

Determination is not just for the shorter people of the world, but for everyone. Michael Jordon was determined to keep playing basketball after his high school coach basically told him he would never amount to anything as a basketball player and look where he is today. Determination can be used for anything from being determined to get your homework done to the world championship eating contest, where there is definitely some determination in eating over forty hot dogs in one minute. You use determination everyday, every hour, most of the time you do not even know that determination is going through your head, but it is. Determination is working it’s way through your head when you are taking a test, playing a sport, or even cleaning your room.

I believe determination brought me up to the front of the classroom today. Determination made me get up out of my chair and have the courage to speak without throwing up. Sometimes determination needs a little help such as a friend cheering, “You can do it!” but mostly determination comes from within. Whenever I really want to be able to do something, I dig down deep and search for the little saying floating around in my head that is whispering, “Be determined.”