This I Believe

Todd - Los Osos, California
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: good & evil

I believe we humans have the potential for incredible kindness and love and also for hatred, harm, and violence. I believe our early environment is key to the way we will live and treat others. Domestic violence and early trauma physically changes the way the brain works. The millions of children who are exposed to this are likley to have severe and cronic damage to their ability to function and be healthy in society. I believe that members of societies,especially leaders, those in government,and the powerful, have a responsibility and obligation to address this critical issue. Capitalism, Greed,Materialism,and Egocentric thinking,all contribute to this problem. Stress on families is so great that many do not function. We can and must do better for children and ourselves. This is the issue that will determine the worlds future. The quality of our lives depends on the ability to model and teach love, compassion, and kindness to all children. Our current cultures are failing horribly to advance norms that promote healthy,peacful,and sustainable society. We can and must do better.