This I Believe

Despena - LaGrange/Il/60525, Illinois
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in dreaming in black and white. Those are the simple dreams, in which life is not too hard, love is explained by the passion of the heart, and destiny is created with everyday thoughts. But a simpler life is not what I may always imagine. For nowadays love can be explained by science and getting through a period of school is back-breaking work.

I remember at age ten thinking about love at first sight. Back then all my friends and I were waiting for that one magical moment in which, supposedly, the man of our dreams would randomly walk into our A-B-C, 1-2-3 classroom, sweep us off our feet, and together we would live happily ever after. So try now imagining the absolute horror we went through after finding out, only a couple years later that love at first sight may be nothing more than brain signals and hormones working behind the scenes. And so I ask myself, where has the plain and simple gone? What has happened to the days when dreaming in black and white was common, expected, and embraced?

But dreaming in black and white isn’t just about the simpler things in life. It’s about being in perfect harmony with yourself and the outside environment; for a black and white dream may only come when you are prepared and ready to fully embrace and appreciate the finer things in life. I remember two years ago, going on vacation with my god sister. We went to visit the city beach; a quiet, calm spot where she and I could bask in the sun, relax and live our lives. I’m not sure why, but sitting on the sand at that moment, I saw everything in a different light—colorless light. The blue beach, white waves and pinkish-purple horizon were nothing to me but a mere representation. Their colors now were nothing less than a description. What did matter was looking at that ocean without color, and still loving it for what it was. The waves, whether white or neon green, didn’t matter. At that moment an afternoon at the beach was the d e f i n i t i o n of pure life, of passion. No one can take that moment away from me: the moment I realized the simplicity of the world. The moment in which color and description didn’t matter. All that did matter was life at that point—NOT how it was yesterday, or twenty and fifty years back. It was life at that exact moment which captured my heart. It was the moment in which I first dreamt in black and white.