This I Believe

Renee - Northville, Michigan
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Courtesy or Lack There Of

I’ve worked at the same drycleaners for the past two years. I dislike a good portion of the customers. They’re rude and full of themselves. I’m often treated like their help and as if I have no brain skills past being able to punch buttons on a keyboard. While I may only be a teenager, I am in college, and a human being. I am not brain dead. So while I strongly dislike a variety of the customers, I still greet them with a smile and Hello. I’m pleasant and above all courteous. I find that this is not the case in most places. I can go to the sub place next door and all I receive is attitude for wanting something to eat. I understand people have good and bad days. Whether I’m having a good or bad day, I’m still courteous. Yet it seems that in today’s society everyone’s having an all around bad day everyday. What ever happened to courtesy?

I’m not asking you to like me. Being courteous doesn’t require you to like me or even say have a nice day, but to be generally nice and polite would be wonderful. People have changed so much and we’re so far from where we’ve come that it seems being courteous is almost dead. I can barely drive on the roads without experiencing someone’s road rage. Is this what we want to teach our children, our future generations? I’d much prefer for them and for all of us to be happy.

When you’re one of the happier people it’s very hard to try and stay optimistic. Soon you just break and start becoming one of the unhappy people, one of the “anti-courtesy” people. I really dislike those people, but mostly I just feel sorry for them. Maybe it’s just that no one has been nice to them and its one big vicious cycle. Whatever it is, I wish people could snap out of it. As my sister would say, stop harshing her mellow.

Realistically I know I’m not going to see Boy Scouts walking little old women across the streets, but hey you know what would be great? It would be great if when I went to a store and tried getting something of the top shelf, being the whole 5.3’ self that I am, if someone would come help me and drop the whole “I’m taking precious time out of my life attitude.” Because I believe courtesy should be valued and I think there’s still a little bit left in all of us.