This I Believe

Secile - Canton, Michigan
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

This I belive

(Love lasts forever)

Growing up in America I spent a lot of time thinking about my Indian culture. I always tended to bring the American and Indian cultures together. I figure having two points of views on the world is better than one.

I thought that extracting the love from both cultures and painting them together would give me a portrait view of the world.

My parents were the first generation to truly understand the Indian and American cultures as being one. I remember when my grandparents tried to expose me to the Indian culture as if it was the only belief I could have, but it was always my parents telling me that I have the opportunity to explore two different worlds, so why not take advantage of it?

Growing up in the midst of two ways of life, really gave me a different outlook. I tend to examine both sides of the spectrum with caution because it seems that both sides are based off of just as many lies as there are truths. Everything that we do is reflected from someone else. Society’s presence seems to make people unaware of how neglectful we can be about the feelings of others, and how our actions impact people.

The one feeling that is universal is love, an essence that burns our souls, a fragrance that delays time, eluding the present, and filling the future. This feeling revolves around everybody and seems to be the only force that gives people a reason to look at themselves and ask the question why?

When I was in middle school my parents owned their own engineering business. When the engineering industry started to fall the employees were let go, and my parents ended up doing all the work themselves. I remember when I would spend the night at the shop and gazed out at my parents working hard. I always asked the question why? I figured out the answer when the music turned on. We would blast the music in the shop so that it was the only thing heard. I could see another side of human nature taking place right in front of my eyes. Love filled the air and somehow blocked of the difficulties and worries that everyone had.

I believe that these things happen so that we can see the truth that things happen just because they do. We should accept things for what they are because we could spend a lifetime trying to explain everything and miss out on the beauties that is given to us right in front of our eyes.

I believe in love, an emotion that doesn’t throwing out all other feeling, but incorporates them, and by doing that it only becomes bigger and stronger.

After learning about different cultures in high school I came to my own conclusion that if god really exists, then love would have to be it. Everything we do is based off of it, even if it’s for self-gain. Love will always play a role in everything we do. I believe that we should take a look around our lives every once in a while and acknowledge life.

As a fortune cookie once told me “your eyes are the windows of your soul” and my soul is full of love.