This I Believe

Aaron - Livonia, Michigan
Entered on October 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Can’t Have One

With Out the Other

Beep, Beep the gun goes off, I dive into the water, and kick with all of my might. First place is on my mind. High school is where I was first introduced to the sport of swimming. It was a hard decision for me to make knowing I would have to give up a lot but the dedications and responsibility it taught me was worth it.

A person should not go through his/her high school career with out playing a sport or being apart of some extra curricular activity. I believe that having a group of people in your life who are as determined and dedicated to the same goals as you are can make a huge difference in who you become after graduation. They are your teammates, your friends, and most of all your inspirations. By being involved in a team you will always have people with the same interest to look up to, and inspire you to do great things. A true team will even learn to rely on each other outside of the team. This can make a huge difference is a high school career.

Before I started high school I was so intimidated. I was the small, shy boy with the giant backpack, the one who went to class early, and ate alone. This all changed when I joined the swimming team. Suddenly I had teammates, who quickly became my best friends. There were people to walk to class with, be late with. The People to eat lunch with, and most important people I could trust.

After joining the team the feeling of belonging grew on me. For the next four years of high school I lived and breathes swimming. Even if I was not the fastest swimmer, or my team did not win all of the big meets, it didn’t matter, because I was proud to say I was apart of the Stevenson swimming and diving team. Just to be with a group of guys doing something I learned to love to do was the best feeling in the world.

It was grueling and painful at times, but to call myself part of a team is such a powerful feeling. It’s a feeling of belonging, and for me that was hard to accomplish. I believe that no individual should have to go through high school feeling like an outcast, or lone ranger. Everyone should experience being a member of a team, not only because of a love for the sport, but because of whom you will become in the end. This I believe.